Hidden From View

Hiding in the veils of the flowery world,

The darkness prevails under every vein and nerve

The untold words kept hidden in our heart…

Expressed only on the blank pages which are read by none.

The unshed tears: hidden behind mocking smiles,

Find their companions in deep, cold solitude…

The emotions unexpressed, keep burdening our souls;

Yet, we’re unwilling to let them go.

The cold, piercing conflicts, hidden from visual sight

Kill us from within, imploding our minds..

The wishes, dreams and hopes that we strive to achieve,

Are subject to fears of loss, and hence in cages , them we keep…..

The concealed pain splintering our heart,

Masked by a sober visage, while bleeding inside

Hidden is the vivid world; hazed, clouded, blurred….

Only if mankind had eyes to reveal, all that is invisible to us….

We’re all living in hiding, hiding our true selfs, burdened by other people’s thoughts….that needs to change…freedom belongs to each of us…and we ought to bring ourselves into the light, fighting againstthe darkness around us

-Tithi Roy

The Moon

The feathering touch of the soft glowing rays,

The meadows glistening with a thousand green blades;

Showering the heavenly light upon the lovers,

Seeking the concealment and secrecy of the dark cover.

Your fullest face, like a balm for the eyes,

Seems so much in peace, always smiling in the night.

The oceanic waters- a prussian blue

Shining like pearls under your gorgeous hue.

An inspiration for a lost poet, empty and hollow,

In dire need of words to arouse his imagination from the gallows….

Guiding the vagabonds into the wonderful unknown,

A silent friend, a loyal ally, a glowing beacon of hope.

Your glowing edges forming a platinum ring,

Like the crown of an angel in the darkness and dim.

You’re not selfish, spreading out your kindness,

Sharing your light with the stars, your nightly companions…

You are marked by a thousand scars, a million strains on your face…….

Yet you always leave that intense love in your wake.

Sometimes hidden, playing hide-n-seek with the clouds,

Enveloping the world in blackness, worries and doubt.

Your ever glowing face, a gift upon the earth,

Thy ethereal beauty, bringing a divine purity to our hearts.

As a child and even now , I’ve always been enthralled by the full face of the moon….staring at it brought me peace and a sense of wonderful calm….I’ve tried to pour my awe and love for the full moon in this piece…..thank you for reading it…

-Tithi Roy